ProPractice Advanced Mini-Course

30 Advanced Tutorials + Extras

Welcome to the ProPractice Advanced Mini-Course. This course features 30 ProPractice tutorials, where Josh takes you step-by-step through some of the most popular etudes and other repertoire pieces for advanced players. Scroll down to "Class Curriculum" below to see all of the videos available in this course.

Areas of focus include a myriad of creative techniques and practice methods to improve your technique, how to develop speed and coordination, how to play more expressively, how to incorporate dynamics and voicing, how to use rubato effectively, and more. At the end of this course, you should have an arsenal of new technical skills, interpretation ideas, and knowledge about how to approach your technique and repertoire going forward. Josh includes links to every score, as well as links to free online sheet music for every piece in this course. Josh also provides links to his favorite sight-reading software to further enhance this area of your study, as well as other resources to help with sight-reading. He also includes extra videos with more tips to take your playing to the next level!

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Dr. Josh Wright
Dr. Josh Wright

Billboard #1 artist Dr. Josh Wright has delighted audiences across the United States and in Europe. The Washington Post described him as a pianist possessing “rarer gifts – touch, intelligence and the ability to surprise.” He performed his debut recitals at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center in 2014. His self-titled album “Josh Wright” topped the Billboard Classical Traditional chart just three weeks after its release in April 2011. He also performed at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles as part of America's Got Talent Season 9. He currently serves on the piano faculty at the University of Utah. He has performed with numerous symphony orchestras, been a prize winner in international competitions, and studied with some of the world's greatest piano teachers. He looks forward to being your personal mentor in each of his course offerings.

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Liszt's Paganini Etude No.6 in A minor

Course Curriculum

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"I came upon Josh’s ProPractice videos as I was searching internet tutorials on the Chopin Etude I was playing then. I found it really amazing. The video went over all the difficult parts of the piece and Josh explained how he tackled each of them. I felt I really improved after implementing the tips explained in the video. The repertoire covered is beautiful, with all the pieces that one dreams of playing!"

- Pénélope, France

"Dr. Wright’s ProPractice Series is a great source of technical insight on piano practice and performance; however, it is so much more. A source of motivation and inspiration for pianists of all ages and skill levels. Moreover, the large quantity of high-quality videos is an excellent opportunity for hobbyists as well as aspiring professional pianists to discover a wide variety of repertoire through the detailed demonstrations. All in all, I recommend it wholeheartedly."

- Jonathan, USA

"Josh's ProPractice videos are concise, informative, and easy to follow. Josh goes in-depth step by step. He gives a lot of tips and advice during the videos on how to practice smarter. And the best part: you get to have a private tutor at your convenience anytime of the day. I’ve learned a lot from him. Josh is an amazing teacher and mentor."

- Sepideh, Iran

“I am a self taught pianist, who has struggled for many years to play most of my favorite pieces, (Chopin) on a technical level. With Josh’s lessons, I have been able to understand the mystery behind Chopin’s genius..sometimes how making a simple rotation of the hand, can mean the difference between 4 hours of unsuccessful practice and five mins of brilliance. My hats off to this outstanding teacher”.

- Alanzo, USA

"Josh's ProPractice Series is a valuable resource (with lots of pro's tips!) for all pianists who want to make beautiful music at a very affordable price. It is so flexible especially for busy people, because you can view it 24/7 anywhere in the world."

- Dana, Hong Kong

"Recently, my piano instructor indicated that I reached the early intermediate level as a result of significant practice in various aspects of piano (technique, sight reading and repertoire) over the last two years. As an adult beginner, I was able to reach that level in that time frame utilizing to a large extent the ProPractice Series and the VIP MasterClass Series, both by Dr. Josh Wright.

Like a lot of adult beginners trying to figure out the best way to delve into piano, I first searched Youtube for the beginner level videos and found the channel of Dr. Josh Wright, which has over 60,000 subscribers. As most of his viewers know, he has made all types of videos over the years including technique, performance, and general music discussion. I first started with scales and eventually watched many of these videos including one of my favorites, “Is It Too Late To Learn Piano?"

After weeks of reviewing Dr. Wright’s Youtube videos, I realized I needed more in depth instruction on piano technique, which led me to the ProPractice series and then to the VIP MasterClass Series.

Regarding the ProPractice Technique Series, these videos give instruction on all scales, triads, arpeggios and 7th chords and various techniques to practice them. Needless to say, each video had a wealth of information that tremendously helped me improve my piano skills as I was able to focus on practicing the core of piano technique correctly, and that is the most important criteria in any video series."

- Mitchell, USA

"ProPractice will inspire you, and equip you to perform your favorite pieces in the piano repertoire."

- Taylor, USA

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