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Welcome to Dr. Josh Wright's exclusive VIP MasterClass Series! Josh currently has over 60,000 subscribers on YouTube, and receives thousands of emails monthly from students around the world, asking for personalized videos based on their specific questions. Due to his teaching and performance schedule, he simply cannot respond to every email and make a personalized video for each request. He has designed this series to get your questions answered.

Each member will receive a personalized video, posted to a members-only page of Josh's site for the entire VIP group to see. One video will be posted each week (average length: 10-30 minutes). Videos will be given priority in the order which they are received. Members are free to submit as many video requests as they would like, or none at all. All videos are sorted neatly by composer and by concept so you can quickly find the solutions to what you're looking for!

Check out the VIP Video Catalogue for a complete list of every video posted to date: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I2NcZv19dJj_7sTMesrva3r-FBClaumICNbsRkalU84/edit?usp=sharing

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Dr. Josh Wright
Dr. Josh Wright

Billboard #1 artist Dr. Josh Wright has delighted audiences across the United States and in Europe. The Washington Post described him as a pianist possessing “rarer gifts – touch, intelligence and the ability to surprise.” He performed his debut recitals at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center in 2014. His self-titled album “Josh Wright” topped the Billboard Classical Traditional chart just three weeks after its release in April 2011. He also performed at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles as part of America's Got Talent Season 9. He currently serves on the piano faculty at the University of Utah. He has performed with numerous symphony orchestras, been a prize winner in international competitions, and studied with some of the world's greatest piano teachers. He looks forward to being your personal mentor in each of his course offerings.

"The VIP Masterclass series is hands down, the best piano resource available on the internet. Josh is a gifted teacher, and demonstrates how to methodically approach some of the most demanding challenges in the piano repertoire. Time and time again, the VIP Masterclass has provided the tools to overcome roadblocks in my studies. Every video is fresh, engaging, and motivating, and sends me back to the piano excited to work on my music."

-Taylor, USA

"Joshua Wright is a phenomenal pianist and teacher that provides invaluable information regarding piano technique and interpretation as well as innovative ways to practice pieces and technical work. He has a universal teaching method that can be utilized for advanced, intermediate and beginner level repertoire as well as his VIP Masterclass series which caters to pianist's looking for personalized videos to solve the technical problems they're facing within their pieces as well as insightful solutions in regards to analyzing and memorizing their repertoire. I've been playing piano for over 10 years and haven't found a service or resource that breaks down the mechanics of learning how to play the piano as clear cut as Josh does, I've learned many tips and tricks through his VIP Masterclass series that I pass on to my students. Whether you're advanced or you're just beginning your piano studies if you're looking to improve your technique and become more efficient at practicing the piano then the VIP Masterclass series is for you. Whether you have a teacher or you're self-taught I firmly believe that mastering piano is a life long journey and constant feedback through the Masterclass series will solve many issues you run into on the way, Josh uploads videos very frequently and is always seeking new requests. I’ve saved my teacher a lot of time through the countless things I've learned in the VIP Masterclass series."

- Wojciech, Poland

"There are three things that make Josh's VIP series great. First, he is teaching you techniques and practice strategies that are directly based on the actual experience of a performing professional -- i.e. his own experience. So he's teaching you battle-tested and known-to-work methods. Second, he understands that even a narrowly-posed question often has a broader answer and his answers are fully-developed, usually with many related examples demonstrated. Finally, his relaxed and informal manner makes the lessons lively, fun, and easy to absorb. Great stuff!"

- Jim, USA

"I joined Dr. Wright's VIP Master Class since mid-2017. Since then I enjoyed the benefit of being a VIP member, I highly recommend this class to anybody who has passion in piano no matter what level you are in. You will always find something to learn from! Dr. Wright has great talent in turning your question into a piano technique topic and giving a beautiful demo. Then he starts giving the instruction and step-by-step practice tip."

-Jane, Taiwan

"I have been a member of the VIP MasterClass Series since the programme started. I have a teacher and the programme is a great supplemental resource because it broadens my approaches to tackling technical and musicality challenges. I learn at least one practical approach with every video even though I may not be playing the piece that is being covered. For the pieces that I request Josh's perspective, the content is insightful and applicable - sometimes thinking outside of the box such as his advice on how to make a Brahms lengthy passage of grace notes that I dreaded in every way actually enjoyable to practice. I highly recommend this programme to any student who wants a lot of different ideas."

- Jeffrey, USA

"The VIP MasterClass series works exactly how it is named - a masterclass. You bring your questions to the class and Josh shows you tips and tricks he learned from his wonderful teachers and from his own discoveries, or you can choose to virtually sit in to 'observe' the masterclass. You learn at your own pace and everything is so easy and flexible."

-Dana, Hong Kong

"I am a blind pianist. The VIP MasterClass Series provides me insightful ideas regarding piano music and addressing technical issues. It is always helpful to learn different strategies of understanding technique. Josh is undoubtedly an excellent performer and pedagogue."

- Steven, USA

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